Bangkok Hotspots For Photography Lovers

It’s safe to say that pretty much every country in the world has a few outstandingly beautiful hotspots. In fact, those who are trying to photograph the beauty of our world often capture these particular places.

Yet, when it comes to colorful temples and visual stories, there’s no better city to check out than Bangkok, Thailand. The scenes found in this city take our breath away every time, so if you are looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of Bangkok hotspots for photography lovers.

Lumpini Park

Thai brides in Lumpini park

Parks are fan-favorites for many photographers around the world. However, there’s something about Lumpini Park that makes it extraordinary beautiful and inspiring. The backdrop is exquisite and consists of skyscrapers, a colorful Chinese pavilion, and even some duck boats.

The park has become a popular spot for wedding photography. On any given Sunday you can see beautiful Thai brides out in force, frolicking through the foliage.

But the best part is that it’s enormous — the greenery spans across over half a million square meters. No doubt you’ll spend hours on end in it, figuring out new spots you can capture.

Here’s what we recommend: if you can spot some monitor lizards, don’t forget to take a photo of them. They make for great subjects, and you’ll often find them sunbathing on the grass or close to the lakes.

The Khlongs

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Venice, Italy. But did you know that Bangkok was once known as the Venice of the East? It’s true; at one point in history, there were khlongs, or canals, all around the city.

Nowadays, most of them are filled in, yet some of them remain and can be used as a means of transportation. For about ฿10–20, photography lovers can seize the day; they can hop on a boat and photograph their way through the city — from Banglamphu to Ramkhamhaeng.

Wat Maha Pruettharam Worawihan

With its wondrous white columns, colorful roofs, and intricate details, Wat Maha Pruettharam Worawihan is a well-known spot where you can easily take the best photos of your life.

Even though it’s not as popular among tourists as some other temples in Bangkok, it still allows photographers to carefully capture the spirit of this city. In fact, if you’re looking for the best view of MahaNakhon, try taking a photo between two glistening structures of this temple.

It will be peeking through from afar, allowing you to tell a story everyone should hear.

Erawan Shrine

When in Bangkok, no photography lover should miss out on capturing the sheer beauty of the Erawan Shrine from the Siam-Chit Lom walkaway above it. Built in the 1950s, its main purpose was to protect the area and put an end to bad karma that plagued the city.

At that time, nothing was going according to plan — not even the construction of Grand Hyatt Erawan.

But now, it’s a place where locals come together to light incense during the day. However, if you’re looking for the best quality photographs, remember to visit this Brahman shrine at night.

Airplane Graveyard

Are you wondering how to take your photography skills to the next level? If yes, then don’t miss out on capturing the life and debris found in the Airplane Graveyard. When it comes to visual stories, this spot keeps on giving.

It’s essentially a graveyard in Ramkhamhaeng for decommissioned aircraft, but a few families actually call it home. Between their clotheslines and airplane relics, you’ll be able to capture the other side of Bangkok’s culture.

However, know that they might charge a fee of about $4 if you want to take a look around and photograph.

Hua Lamphong Train Station

It seems train stations always carry a certain type of charm, which is why the Hua Lamphong one is often filled with people who are not just traveling somewhere but trying to capture a few smiling faces.

And indeed, all those people look like they are waiting for photographers to see them through their lenses and snap their portraits. Still, that isn’t to say this train station is just a photography hotspot. It’s an architectural wonder from the early 1900s that all those who appreciate beauty should definitely visit.

Soi Cowboy

If you’re looking to capture the locals, then visiting Soi Cowboy is the right choice for you. You’ll need some cash, a camera, and a good attitude to fully immerse yourself into the Thai culture found in this red-light district.

Even though it’s filled with strip clubs, and the lights are not just colorful but bright neon, Soi Cowboy is the place to be if you want to shoot pure, unfiltered culture.

However, know that you’ll take the greatest shots here at night and with a tripod. That’s the best way to capture this lively part of Bangkok full of activities, pleasure, and excitement.


Although most of us are used to American Chinatowns, the one found in Bangkok is a photography fan-favorite. In it, you can easily find inspiration for more than a hundred photographs, not to mention that you can try local dishes and find some interesting souvenirs. The first place to visit in Bangkok’s Chinatown is Sampeng Lane.

There, you may find gaudy shops, as well as niche stores that sell the strangest things. After you capture those, remember to check out Yaowarat Road at night. The food, the various smells, the glistening lights and the people — everything there is just waiting for you and your camera.

Flower Market

Bangkok flower market

Now, if colorful photos are your signature, then don’t forget to visit the Flower Market on Chak Phet Road. Full of delicate flowers and stunning colors, Pak Khlong Talat is the beauty queen among markets. In essence, this place is a vibrant dot in an otherwise gray city backdrop.

The atmosphere among the locals and all the details make it well worth a visit, even if you’re in Bangkok for a short while.

Wat Arun

When it comes to temples, there’s no place better to visit and photograph than Wat Arun and its murals. Apart from enjoying its colorful design, you’ll be able to fully experience its historic atmosphere.

You’ll find this 19th-century Buddhist temple on the western banks of the Chao Phraya River, but don’t expect you’ll have the whole place for yourself. Because it’s one of the most popular temples in Thailand, it’s a favorite spot of not just professional photographers but common folk too.

Nevertheless, getting to see it in person will take your breath away, although the best photos are usually taken from across the river. If you decide to check it out, you can sit across from it in one of the restaurants at sunset.

The vista is practically unimaginable and one of the most incredible things you’ll ever see and photograph.

The Grand Palace

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning one of the most popular Thailand landmarks. The Grand Palace is a tourist spot where selfies are everyone’s native tongue.

If you want to capture it through your lens, you’ll have to push your way through them.

However, the palace is worth the trouble, especially if you want to enjoy the beauty of the Wat Phra Kaew temple. Come prepared — one photo will not be enough to capture this spot!

Final Thoughts

Most of us cannot see the real charm of Bangkok at first glance. Yet, when it comes to photography, we’re able to capture much more than just mere buildings and markets.

Thai culture is one of the most interesting ones in the world. Through a camera lens, it’s utterly mesmerizing! So when in doubt, know these hotspots are perfect for honing your photography skills and transferring real life into images.

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